Sunday, April 19, 2009

Build Your Own Hover Board

It seems that the dream planted in every child since the release of Back to the Future II has finally been realized. Okay so maybe the Airboard is not quite as cool as the hover boards in Back to the Future II, but it has the distinct advantage of being real. It works on the same principle as larger hovercraft. A powerful motor is use to direct air contained by a rubber skirt downward. This causes the craft to hover above the ground on a cushion of air.

These are available for sale, but I have also included a clip from the Gadget Show on how to build your own hover board. Since that is what this blog is all about.

So here is the deal I would like to challenge all my faithful readers (I am pretty sure there are 3 maybe even four of you) to build their own hovercraft and submit pictures or video of it.

Remember “You can’t take a hover board on water unless you have power!”

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