Friday, April 10, 2009

Reliable Transportation for under $200

I can’t wait to get a bicycle so I can convert it into a moped. There are several kits available, on the market that allow you to convert your pedal powered bicycle into a gas fueled machine. The kits come with everything from the engine to the fuel tank. They claim to go up to 40mph, which makes them adequate for getting around in town. What I love about these kits is your bike retains all the cool benefits of making you look like your athletic, while not actually requiring you to make any of the effort. They also get great gas mileage, and are pretty affordable starting at $150 (this includes the engine). Depending on your local laws you may not need a driver’s licenses or tags because of the small engine size. Make sure you check because these laws vary from state to state.
All you have to do is dust off that old bicycle sitting behind the mower in your garage (if you don’t have an old bike, trade for one on craigslist). Purchase a helmet for $50. Purchase a bicycle motor conversion kits for $150, and follow the instruction to install. There you know have reliable transportation for under $200.
I will put of video of me installing one of these as soon as I get a bicycle.

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