Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Dancing Spy

Thought I'd post a silly animation I made. I hope to do a how to on animation but am still trying to decide the best way to show this fun little hobby. I used microsoft paint and windows movie maker. Just a warning this cartoon about a spy going clubbing is pretty pointless overall. Hope you enjoy.

Strange How to number #1

How to get rid of the dreaded bathroom burglar

Everyone has been there. You are utilizing the facilities when you hear the footsteps, coming closer and closer. Inevitably, those footsteps stop right in front of the door, just before the handle begins to jiggle. What was a peaceful private moment now feels like an awkward version of a horror movie, all because the bathroom burglar did not get the hint from the closed door.
However, a little ingenuity and a few inexpensive items available at the local hardware store will allow you to rid yourself of bathroom burglars for good. After reading this article, you will be able to install an “Occupied” light on the outside of your very own bathroom. This light lets everyone know, “Hey! Keep on walking; there’s no vacancy at this inn.”
Remember you will be working with electricity so safety is of the utmost importance (Seriously if you have not worked with electricity before you don’t attempt this). The first thing you need to do is turn of the power to your bathroom at the circuit breaker. Then gather all your equipment. You will need the following items: Safety goggles, electric drill, screwdriver, door contacts, light socket, red light bulb, electrical wire, and wire cutters.
Okay you are ready to begin building your early warning system for passerbies. Mount your light socket eye level on the outside of the bathroom door. Next, mount the door contacts. Place the bottom contact on the top edge of the door. Place the top contact on the doorframe directly above the bottom contact. Cut a piece of wire a little longer than the distance between the light socket and the bottom door contact. Connect the wire to the light socket and the bottom door contact.
We are half way there, but the next part gets a little tricky so pay attention. With the wire, measure the distance between the top door terminal and the light switch in your bathroom. Cut a piece of wire several inches longer than you think you will need. Connect one end of the wire to the upper door contact. Drill a small hole just bigger than the wire directly above the top door contact. You will feed the wire through the hole, but you need do something first.
Go inside the bathroom and unscrew the light switch, so you have access to the back of it. Run the wire though the wall and to the light switch. Attach the wire to the light switch. Reattach the light switch to the wall. Screw in your light bulb and turn on the power at the circuit breaker.
That is it you are done. From now on, whenever the door is closed and the light switch is on you will be able to enjoy that day’s newspaper or your favorite periodical in peace.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I enjoy randomness and hope to spread that joy to the world. I like to write and am always starting strange products. I hope to share these projects with you. Maybe you'll find some of them useful, but you probably won't.
I write for a few other sites and will probably plug these without shame. So strap in and enjoy the ride.