Friday, August 14, 2009

Slapshed back to school: the backpack

So it’s August and school will be starting soon. Which means spending money outfitting your children with back to school equipment and wardrobe or if you are going back to school it means you need all this stuff. Well I know the economy is tough right now so I thought I would right a series dedicated to some Slapshed ways of outfitting your child with all their back to school needs without breaking your wallet.
So here is installment #1: The backpack
I chose to start with the backpack, because it is the thing your kid will put all the other stuff in. Every kid needs a back pack, but backpacks can be expensive. Don’t worry about buying one though this video from Duct Tape Stuff on YouTube will show you how to build one out of you guessed it: duct tape. Or if you are more adventurous you can also try following the instructions at to assemble you own Mac pack, a back made from an old Macintosh computer.

Okay so you have the backpack covered. Of course there are plenty of other items you can make at home on the cheap that will not only provide your child with an academic edge, but catapult them to the front of the style class. How about a duct tape pencil case? Who knows stay tuned to find out.

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