Sunday, August 30, 2009

Guy invents flamethrower hands: perplexed when life of superhero does not ensue

It has been awhile since I have found a video of an invention as completely useless, dangerous, and awesome as this. The Pyro system 2.2 reduces the need for radioactive induced super powers by at least 20%. Truly, the inventor is a modern day Blankman.

The Pyro system basically turns your hands into flamethrowers. The inventor uses some pretty simple and readily available supplies. A windproof lighter and those butane tanks used to refill lighters. He added some tubing and extended some wiring, slapped the system on a harness that straps to the wrist and presto instant hand flamethrower.

His YouTube channel everettbradford has several videos demonstrating how this portable flamethrower works and its application. I know in one video he talks about wearing this device that shoots fireballs out of his hands to a Halloween party. This sounded like a pretty bad idea to me. I did the math and here is what I came up with: Alcohol + highly flammable costumes + crowded house + flamethrower hands = 10(Great White Nightclub Fire).

I am not sure, but I think most municipalities would frown on individuals walking around with flamethrower hands. It seems that the ability to shoot fireballs out of your hands would probably constitute carrying a concealed weapon. However, many states allow citizens to carry concealed weapons after completely a training course. I wonder if you can get a license to carry flamethrower hands. Because you never know when you might need to melt someone’s face off.

I will admit there are other practical applications to having the ability to shoot flames out of your hands besides fighting robot ninjas and flying dinosaur scuba divers. Flamethrower hands could come in handy for lighting a pretty woman’s cigarette that you are ten feet away from or maybe heating up day old pizza.

And of course we have to consider the implications this will have on the Renaissance fair scene. I think the wizard guy just became a lot cooler than the barbarian guy, and the Black Night just peed himself.

Oh and for those of you that are worried this system might not be adequate for your flame shooting needs. Our inventor is currently has plans for a Pyro system 3.0 posted on his Youtube channel. This new system promises to give the wearer even more precise control over the flames he will shoot from his hands.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why you should not attach a v-8 to a monowheel

So I have stumbled across a whole swarm of videos on YouTube highlighting one of my favorite useless inventions the monowheel. The monowheel is infinitely superior to the unicycle, because the operator rides inside the wheel instead of on top of it.

I have always wondered why this incredible mode of transportation never caught on and became a mainstream way of getting around. Well I found a video that pretty much answers my question and effectively ends any ideas entertaining the monowheel as a practical mode of transportation.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Slapshed back to school: the backpack

So it’s August and school will be starting soon. Which means spending money outfitting your children with back to school equipment and wardrobe or if you are going back to school it means you need all this stuff. Well I know the economy is tough right now so I thought I would right a series dedicated to some Slapshed ways of outfitting your child with all their back to school needs without breaking your wallet.
So here is installment #1: The backpack
I chose to start with the backpack, because it is the thing your kid will put all the other stuff in. Every kid needs a back pack, but backpacks can be expensive. Don’t worry about buying one though this video from Duct Tape Stuff on YouTube will show you how to build one out of you guessed it: duct tape. Or if you are more adventurous you can also try following the instructions at to assemble you own Mac pack, a back made from an old Macintosh computer.

Okay so you have the backpack covered. Of course there are plenty of other items you can make at home on the cheap that will not only provide your child with an academic edge, but catapult them to the front of the style class. How about a duct tape pencil case? Who knows stay tuned to find out.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chicken Bullion Shower Head Prank

Here is an easy do it yourself prank. All you need is a cube of chicken bouillon. You unscrew the shower head and mash up the bullion in inside. You screw the shower head back on and wait. When your unsuspecting victim turns on the shower head they will find themselves taking a shower in chicken broth.
The great thing about this practical joke is it completely harmless and it is adaptable. You could really use any substance that is water soluble and non-toxic. The only problem I see with this trick is that many people turn the water on to adjust the temperature before entering the shower and would catch on before they ever got wet. Course it would still be funny seeing them try to figure out why the shower smells like chicken soup.

Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Send a Secret Message with an egg

Here is a cool way to send a secret message to that hungry spy on the go. All you need is an egg and some vinegar. Okay so hard boiled eggs are probably not a great way to send hidden communications, but would be stellar for practical jokes.

Amazing ! Ghost Message In A Egg - Funny home videos are a click away

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Ultimate Toliet Paper Launcher

The toilet paper thrower is a project from Make Magazine, which was actually featured on Martha Stewart today, kind of weird but goof for the guys at Make Magazine. I chose this project for today’s post because it really embodies a slapshed invention. It is random, improvised, a little ridiculous and pretty impractical. I think the loud noise emitted by the leaf blower will probably blow your cover if you are trying to TP someone’s house, but you’ll look pretty cool doing it.

Of course if you don't feel like building your own toilet paper launcher, but you still need some industrial strength TP launching power you could always buy one of these equally impractical and ridiculous toilet paper canons.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Your Own Personal Helicopter Hat

If you thought building your own hovercraft was cool, the personal helicopter kit Gen H4 from Jap will make your head explode with its complete awesomeness. It is a dozen times more dangerous but a 100 times cooler then the hover board which according to my math makes it 88 times more bodacious than the hovercraft.

For those that grew up in the eighties the Gen H4 will conjure up images of Inspector Gadget and his hat helicopter. That is because the Gen 4 is basically that a helicopter hat.

Unfortunately, it will cost you a substantial amount more than the hover board, but can you really put a price on a personal helicopter. Maybe, The Gen-4 costs roughly $30,000 dollars, and that is for the kit to build this incredible contraption. On top of that it seems it may not be currently available in the US. Ace Helicopters was the US distributor but their website is down and links back to the Japanese site.

I am going to research this further, because the world would be a much better although ridiculously more dangerous place, if this was the main mode of transportation. The possibilities are endless. Imagine walking out onto your landing pad attached to your 20th floor apartment and taking off. It looks like we just got one step closer to a Jetson’s world.